Saturday, August 31, 2013

I heart...

Iceland 2010
Iceland 2010

:: I was sorting through some old pics and came across this one from 2010. I remember the exact moment when I took this, thinking "Sheep and a rainbow in Iceland. I am so lucky to be here."

:: My sandwich mysteriously disappeared from the fridge this week and then reappeared the next day. Or I was blind during my (furious) 20 minutes of searching. Or the office fridge is in fact a magic fridge and its best trick is the disappearing and reappearing sandwich illusion. In any case, I need a lunch bag. This bento tote might do the trick.

:: Speaking of lunchbags, this embroidered sweetie would be really cute for a little one.

:: I got some new earbuds (ones that actually fit into my ears.... ahem, Apple), and they are fantastic. Now I think they need a nice little pouch.

:: This roasted corn and yellow tomato soup looks delicious.

:: I offered to knit my friend C a hat for Christmas and I sent her a few links. She selected this lovely one from Wiksten. Can't wait to cast on.

:: To my friends in Canada and the U.S., Happy Labour Day :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tiny flowers

I have so many little projects on the go so I started one more (the more the merrier). This little keychain stitched up in no time -- less than an hour maybe? I think I shall use it as a zipper pull for one of my knitting's too delicate and pretty for my clunky, chunky car keys. Thanks J!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

i heart...

Ok, last vacation pic and talk for a while, I promise. Some nifty things I liked while away:

:: After we checked into the hotel, I started reading the guide about the amenities which boasted about their tarn. "THIS HOTEL HAS A TARN?", I said all impressed. Then I googled tarn. It's a small mountain lake. And isn't it pretty? Little bleating sheep just over the fence and a deer that barked and ran away.

:: Our hotel also had a nifty dvd collection so I watched two films. One was Where Angels Fear to Tread which was great (I really like early Helena Bonham Carter) and the other was Whistle Down the Wind. The synopsis for Whistle Down the Wind on the box isn't great but it's a truly lovely film. And the little kids in it are seriously cute. Someone appears to have loaded up the entire film on YouTube.

:: Herdy's new tea towels -- for knitters especially.

:: Speaking of knitting, I took my new Rowan sock yarn to knit with on the plane. Heaven!

:: This cover song was played in a lot of commercials and also in restaurants in Scotland. Takes me right back to 1986 (although it's a little more wistful than the original brassy version). Apparently this version was released came out two years ago... good gravy, I'm outta the loop.

:: Flapjacks! But not pancakes.. they're like super delicious oat wedges. Here's a Jamie Oliver recipe that I'm keen to try. Anyone know what makes a good substitute for Golden Syrup?

:: The Grey Earl, a Glasgow artist, has some really sweet cards. I like "Yer ma wee pal".

:: I wish I had not held back and bought this Personaliteas tea towel.

:: Beatrix Potter left pretty specific instructions about what she wanted on display in her Hilltop Farm home. In one corner of a bedroom was a tapestry in progress, still in the frame. I loved this.

:: These Old Town Yarns at K1Yarns are very very nice indeed.

:: If I had an iphone, I would buy this case.

:: Did y'all know that Missoni has a hotel? True story. And outside the hotel in Edinburgh is a doorman decked out in a rad Missoni kilt.

What have you found lately that you've loved?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Scotland the brave!

Fringe fest

Fringe fest

Well let me tell you, Scotland was a wee bit of awesome. 

I hadn't realized the Fringe Fest had started (bad research on my part) and so we ended up lugging our suitcases through massive crowds of performers and tourists along the Royal Mile. I have to say, it is truly magical to see crowds of young people roaming the empty street early in the morning, singing pop songs in harmony. Also equally wonderful: cheeky magicians juggling with axes, actors being actorly, crowds cheering for clowns (honestly, I have never seen such clown appreciation before in my life), awestruck toddlers with their jaws hanging open watching a puppet brought to life, and bagpipes everywhere (ahhhh, so amazing). A once in a lifetime experience.

And then, holy moses, the Tattoo! What a total treat! Performers from South Korea, Mexico, Mongolia and New Zealand joined the Scottish military bands and dancers. Wowowowow. I have to admit, I have always watched events like the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies mostly so I can mock the proceedings. But there's something about being in a crowd that totally whips you up and I was almost teary afterwards, humming Scotland the brave on loop.

Loved Edinburgh. The men in kilts. The smoked salmon sandwiches on oatmeal bread. The grand castle. The narrow streets. The cold North Sea air. The woven tartan scarves. I'd go back in a heartbeat. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Wellies to borrow at Linthwaite House

Linthwaite House garden

Linthwaite House

Hilltop farm

Little herdwick sheep

Little herdwick sheep

Hi there! Back from holidays with some serious jet lag -- the kind where you stumble around in the dark at 2 a.m., eat crackers and drink coffee, look at how long your bangs have grown, consider growing out bangs, decide that maybe they just need a trim, resolve to think about it because actions regarding bangs can have serious consequences, go back to bed but can't sleep, eat another cracker, think about bangs some more, catch up on blog reading (y'all have been doing some amazing things!), and now write a long rambly blog post.

And so now, ah Windermere - lovely friendly people, beautiful scenery, roaming sheep, crispy fish and chips, busy towns with bunting everywhere, raspberry pavlova ice cream (made right there on the farm from cows standing right over there!), pots of tea, one day of pounding rain (but no thunder or lightning), full English breakfasts, a trip to Miss Potter's hilltop farm (where tiny Peter Rabbits actually do roam the gardens), heather on the hills, gingerbread and more tea. So happy to have been there. Tomorrow, pics from Scotland and then finally some crafty business. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Just like Beatrix Zellweger

Hey friends!

I'm off for a wee holiday to the Lake District and Scotland. About a month ago, I decided I wanted a shawl to wear, just as Renne Zellweger did at the very end of Miss Potter. Remember that scene where Beatrix goes walking through her beloved hills? Obviously, I would need a shawl too.

 I convinced myself that I could knit Quill. The big size. Oh foolishness. I regained my senses and opted for Henslowe. I upsized it and pulled it off the blocking board (I'm such a bad blocker, what's up with my messy points?) last night. Still, I do LOVE it so.

So friends, see you in a couple of weeks. Happy August -- phew, I'm so ready for fall!