Sunday, March 16, 2014

Perrrrriwinkle pop

A periwinkle scarf for my dear pal Darci's birthday.

The yarn: Naturally Kid Silk Merino Mohair that I had been hoarding in my stash for way too long.
Pattern: Just straight up plain weave on my mighty rigid heddle loom.


db said...

I love it. It makes me happy when I wear it.

Preeti said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! What an amazing color!!

Cherryeyes said...

Oh! That purpley-blue periwinkle is loverly! Did I tell you I wove a table runner at a weaving shop in New York a few months ago? I chose spectacular colours, but the combination of using different weights of yarn and my neophyte status as a loomstress means that my runner is VERY wonky around the edges. But I still love it.

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