Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weekend workshop

Some snapshots from a natural dye workshop at Toronto's Contemporary Textile Studio.

Among the lessons learned: how to extract dye from natural objects (we used onion skins), how to prep your fabric, how to modify colours, how to create a colour palette, how to use contact paper to create your repeats, how to use screens to print on fabric, and how to steam and set your pieces. 

Not surprisingly, my favourite sample to print on was wool (the top shot with the multi-coloured circles) -- the wool feels great (obvi) and is really porous. My favourite dye - cochineal, which is also one of my most favourite words to say. Cochineal. It might be my warrior name.

So excited to tart up my quarters with some embroidery and maybe make some totes (magotes!).


Lynn One, Purl Two said...

It's as though you read my mind! Thank you for posting about this! I was simply "DYING" to hear all about it! ;)

Johanna said...

These all look like works of art! So lovely!

Kerry said...

I love that you went to a textile workshop and came out with a warrior name.

Lynn said...

So, so pretty!

Preeti said...

What a very interesting workshop! Your samples look lovely. Cochineal is the prettiest shade and such a great word too :)

Cherryeyes said...

What Kerry said! That's so funny. Cochineal forever!

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