Friday, October 17, 2014

Love this

:: Really interesting article on how the happy and the meaningful life differ

:: Neato iphone photography tricks

:: This fabric, and this, and this too... Swoon!

:: This little cardi is so pretty (free pattern!)

Have a very nice weekend!


Lynn One, Purl Two said...

Ooooh!!! Can't wait to try out the photography tricks! Thanks bud!

Preeti said...

Love the macro and the underwater tricks!! That article is very interesting... the pursuit of happiness without looking for meaning makes a person's outlook on life shallow - profound and so true when you stop and think about it!

Cherryeyes said...

Did you ever see the show with the four rabbis chatting? Mark told us about it. Anyway, I watched it once, and the episode was on this very topic, and one of them said that you had to run away from happiness. He said that it was only by doing your duty that happiness would come to you. But happiness had to find you rather than the other way around. I love that. However I disagree strenuously with the notion that the sense of meaning in life was what differentiated the survivors in the concentration camps from those who died. (And if he did indeed say that, then coming from a survivor it is particularly smug - but I question whether he said it at all.) It's in that class of thinking that celebrates cancer survivors for "fighting for their lives," somehow implying blame for those who succumb.

As for the fabrics...they make me happy!!!! As does your blog.

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