Wednesday, June 13, 2012

i heart...random

Cape Cod, 2008
:: This pattern for a felted Hungarian reindeer

:: This Mod-podge screenprint tutorial

:: This bunting stamp

:: This BBC podcast - Shakespeare's restless world -- I'm late to this party as I think this started in May but in any case, it is making for some really, really good train listening.

:: This food blog - Not so humble pie - wow, so beautiful. My friend J. made some marshmallows using a recipe from here - and truly, marshmallows never tasted so good. It sparked a bit of a frenzy in the office.

:: Ah strawberry season - happy to see you again! This recipe for fresh strawberry cream pie will make you glad glad glad to be alive (a bit much? maybe... but it makes a most delish pie.)

:: This shopping tote


Cherryeyes said...

I am heartin' the random selections. I sure as heck would never find them on my own (you have to go looking to find things). But that deer, made by such a capable seamstress: why need s/he be so very blind? Just some black thread and a few quick stitches...

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

so good. all of it. so good.

ps- i like a bit of drama surrounding my pies... so no, it's not 'a bit much'

I dig it.

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