Monday, June 18, 2012

A pouch, pops and a wee pooch

I made this little pouch for my pop's brand new e-reader that we gave him for father's day.

I was excited about this free pattern and this one too but then in the end I thought I should just go simple. 

I had some beige linen and some sweet fabric with some pooches (books and dogs are tops for my dad) that I turned into a zippered pouch. I used some batting for cushioning between the lining and the outer shell. I think it turned out pretty okay -- at the very least, it took the edge off of an earlier sewing adventure in which I sewed possibly the frumpiest dress -- suitable for frump festival 2012 --- or something that with a few serious tweaks and a big gulp of confidence might be okay.


Cherryeyes said...

Don't give up on the dresses! With the same calm, capable determination you bring to all your projects, you'll soon have something you can wear to visit the queen.


Anonymous said...

I love it......wish I'd thought of that !

You've got the best pattern in my books....witty?

Off to the sewing room, I go.

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