Sunday, August 19, 2012

I heart

The beach, 2004

Hello my friends! Did you enjoy a nice weekend? I had a busy but productive one - seeing friends, getting things tidied up, moving projects along, and thinking about this and that.

Some things that I have been loving lately:

:: Grabbing a cardigan to take with me in the cold, dark mornings. I'm ready to turn the calendar page, anyone else?

:: This knitting-themed fabric from MummySam.  I especially love the little fellow looking at his knitted trousers. Also, something about this print makes me almost a little teary.

:: While we're talking etsy love, this print from thelittlechickadee is a sentiment I should tell myself more often when I have my Eeyore pants on. (Oh but those pants are so comfortable).

:: This lovely shawlette from Anat Rodan makes me want to cast on right away. (** free pattern too)

:: And so do these swirly, pretty Abra Alba fingerless gloves. (***another free pattern!)

:: These typographic maps are astonishing.

:: Ira Glass talks about his reading habits (and his preference for Hermione over Harry)

:: And this take on the U.S. election cracked me up.

Happy week ahead!

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