Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh bias tape...

gray, or grey, throw

oh bias tape... sigh

Don't look too closely!

Do you remember that scene in The Hours where Julianne Moore's character sets out to make a birthday cake for her husband and she has in her mind that it will be a most beautiful and perfect confection? And then once she finishes, the cake is all lopsided and there are crumbs in the icing. From what I remember, she then has a bit of a five-alarm meltdown. 

Well. ahem. So I had in my mind that I would make a pretty throw. I saw a very simple and lovely one at Greenwood Quiltery - just one metre of their lovely fleece backing matched with a cotton and some bias tape. 

So I dove in. I scanned a few bias tape tutorials because when you're dealing with something you've never done before, all that is required is a quick scan. 

Very very quickly, the blanket that I had in my mind diverged from the reality I was making. Instead of crumbs in the icing it was wonky mitres and bias tape that wouldn't cooperate. And then once I finished and I re-read the instructions (because that's the best time to read the instructions thoroughly), I realized I had my steps all so very, very wrong.

I had a minor meltdown -- not of The Hours variety, just a minor one that involved some pouting.
Ah well, I know better for next time...

In case you ever find yourself in need of a really good bias tape pep talk, Angry Chicken's rocks.


ana @ i made it so said...

i know! it's trickier than it looks, right? those mitred corners... the reason i put off binding my first quilt for very long time. but it gets better. and your quilt looks lovely. off to read angry chicken...

Anonymous said...

Anything "bias"......makes me run the other way.....
Good for you, oh brave one!!!

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