Monday, February 25, 2013

Cascade beret

Cascade beret in Cascade 220

Cascade beret in Cascade 220

A bright little beret as winter winds down (wind down winter, would you already?!).

I had some leftover fuschia from Lynn's hexagon blanket that was hollering to be used (fuschia can be like that sometimes. Nobody puts fuschia in the corner).

Details - 
The pattern: Cascade beret (free)
The yarn: Cascade 220 - which is a heavier yarn that the pattern calls for and hence yielded a chunkier result.
The needles: Good ole dependable 4 mm
Size: Medium

p.s. A friend mentioned she left some comments on the blog that never made it to the other side. Sorry if this has happened to you - it's a technical mystery in which the blog chews up comments and leaves no trace. Will try to figure it out.

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Lynn One, Purl Two said...

you're right. fuschia and lime green. good luck trying to keep those two quiet...

beautiful hat! i hope it's for you!


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