Sunday, February 3, 2013

ms. fingerless gloves and zipped pouches

Three leaf mitts in cascade 220

Three leaf mitts in cascade 220

Paris pouch

Paris pouch

A few weeks ago, my friend Viv asked if I might have something to add to her fundraiser for  the Toronto Masque Theatre. Because I am largely a one-trick pony, I thought I would go to my old standards - fingerless gloves and zipped pouches. Let's be honest, this blog might as well be called ms. fingerless gloves and zipped pouches (which is perhaps too specific but accurate nonetheless).

The details:
Fingerless gloves - Three leaf mittens
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles 4 mm
Notes - These were pretty tight before I washed and blocked them (then they bloomed quite nicely). Next time though, I would consider bumping up to 4.5 mm.

The pouches - Boulangerie fabric from Quilt A Bag, Paris map from Greenwood Quiltery.

So happy to have snagged a ticket for this Thursday's show - something fun and French to look forward to :)


Anonymous said... certainly are a most excellent
one-trick pony, if that's what you want to call yourself. i wouldn't.
all you make is just lovely!!!
have a good sunday,

Carla said...

Anyone who has something you've made is very lucky, I think! The gloves turned out beautifully and that is the cutest bag.

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