Sunday, March 31, 2013

Snowfling mittens

Snowfling mitts

There may not be much snow to fling around this time of year, but I still do LOVE these Snowfling mittens I made for my friend Deb. She celebrates a birthday this week (I squashed the surprise element two weeks ago when I made her try them on to see if they would fit). A couple of years ago, Deb gifted me with a pair of Druid mittens that are so exquisite that I can barely bring myself to wear them. I've since been wanting to attempt a fancy pair of mittens and when I saw this kit, I knew they were the ones. Big bold snowflakes, cashmere lining, picot edge - ooh. la. la!

The details: Snowfling mitts (An amazing pattern that works up quite quickly)
The yarn: Chris grey, cobalt and peacock (all TFA)\
Needles: 3.25 mm


Stitched Together said...

They are lovely. I have a pair of fair isle mittens with a knitted lining. They are the best mittens ever. They keep me so toasty. Yours look toasty as well as gorgeous. I am sure your friend will treasure them.

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful!! I have the same kit!! Any tips?


ms.tee.kay said...

thanks lovely ladies for your sweet comments! My only notes are that the mitts fit my hands perfectly but for larger hands it might be a bit of a squeeze. Otherwise, the pattern lays it out perfectly :)

Prairie Lemon said...

These are la la la lovely! Your site is chock a block with beauty and inspiration!

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