Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tea towel love

Greenwood tea towels

Some crisp new tea towels ready for service! I made these using a tea towel kit from Greenwood Quiltery. I love quick and satisfying sewing projects :)

Side note: I rejoined Pinterest recently. I felt a little weird about the terms of service last year and cancelled my account but have come back around. It's been a little weird reconnecting... like meeting up with an old friend who likes to talk a lot about getting fit, and how she gets that cool braid in her hair  and how she does her eye makeup. She also has a weird tendency to throw in some inspirational random quotes into the conversation for good measure.

Two things that are new to me:
1. Dogs dressed as humans. (I like this very very much although I wish I didn't)
and 2. Recipes for things that involve 3 ingredients. (Is this really possible? I don't see how you can make cookies with 3 ingredients... And yet there is a picture of the finished product and they look like reasonable cookies.). In any case, if you're on pinterest, let's be friends! I'm, not surprisingly, msteekay.


craftedlandscape said...

Shut up! I bought the same fabric for tea towels two weeks ago when I was there. They were on the top of my fun list for this weekend. I didnt get them done, but am inspired by you to whip them up.

I love your taste Tara!

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

So pretty Tara! I was digging through my fabric stash lately and planning small projects. So satisfying! As for Pinterest... I have missed you there! Am going to re-add you RIGHT NOW!

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