Sunday, April 21, 2013

City of craft

City of Craft

Well hello again :) After what was a very long week, I headed downtown this weekend to meet up with some dear friends for some good company and crafty perusing.

We headed over to the City of Craft spring show and I picked up some Bookhou fabric and a rad little bunny pouch (the bow tie was the clincher for me). I also bought some floss (garden colours ready to bloom) and some embroidery kits. Somehow by the end of the day, some sparkly yarn found its way into my bag too. 

Some other amazing vendors I admired:

:: ooshki -- sweet little crocheted stuffies

:: Crown Flora Studios -- Amazing bags

:: Nightjar books -- Artful notebooks

:: Kid Icarus - This card and this card are so good

Have a wonderful and gentle week dear friends :)

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Lynn One, Purl Two said...

So jelly! Looks amazing! Looks like you did eh-ok there! Can't wait to see your creations. xo

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