Sunday, April 7, 2013

La la lavender scrub!

Lavender scrub

Hello friends! I hope you had a very nice weekend :) 

My friend Viv made this amazing scrub using sugar, grapeseed oil and lavender essential oils. It is such a lovely luxury -- my hands feel brand new.

Viv filled the glass pot (from Loblaws - if you're on the hunt fellow Canadians) with sugar and then added the oil and a few drops of lavender oil until the consistency was just right (crumbly and not too oily). I found a whole pinterest board full of scrub ideas here.


Cherryeyes said...

La la la la lovely, la la la la lavender, la la la la lemon drops, la la la la sweet lilting melodies...

(If memory serves, Bert's rejoinder to a cute song about the letter "L" sung by Ernie was something like: "Oh, I get it! Let me try! La la la la lightbulb, la la la la linoleum, la la la la lime juice, la la la la lumps in my oatmeal." But I digress.)

Thanks for the shoutout. Only I mixed it all in a bowl and carefully spooned it into the jars. To be exact...

Cherryeyes said...

Oh no! Back on approval? I thought I was in again!!

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