Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I heart... must knit edition

Such lovely days lately with true blue skies and cool, fresh evenings. I have been knitting and stitching ever so slowly. A purl here, a french knot there, a nap here, a tiny cross-stich there. But, I have been seriously dreaming up some new cast-ons and here they are:

:: June's favourite cardigan - Is it time for me to finally admit I will never knit that cabled afghan, move on with my life already and put that aran yarn to good use? Probably yes.

:: Bartender's choice fingerless gloves. I think these would make some very nice Christmas and birthday gifts.

:: Jardin d'hiver - if I start this soon, it could be finished by next winter...

:: Vesper cowl - Amazing fluidity - have you ever seen anything like this?

:: Ghislaine gloves - Simple but so elegant

:: Travelling woman - Something to knit for summer travels?

:: And fine, technically this is crochet -- a little garden of flowers hooked together sweetly.


Cherryeyes said...

That's a lot of knitting! In order: lose the afghan! Bartender - all fingerless gloves are a good thing. Jardin - lots of pictures there, but they look like different things, so I wasn't sure which was the Jardin d'hiver. The cowl? Beautiful bueatiful beautiful. Ghislaine - as above, only more so. Travelling woman - if you have no work and no other projects, and no TV shows you like to watch and don't need to prepare food, maybe you could add this to your list! It's terribly Tara. And the little garden of flowers looks familiar, don't you think?! xoxo V.

Preeti said...

Your cast on choices are all lovely. I'd have such a hard time picking. Enjoy summer knitting :)

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