Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I heart...

:: I prettied up some clothespins with some washi tape using this tutorial. (The stars - oh how I love the stars!)

:: Pin cushions from warp and weft -- and so happy to find a nearby place that sells the awesome Merchant and Mills merch.

:: These fingerless gloves.

:: The return of a nice cold spring. Hot summer, wait your turn!

:: This Toronto timelapse.

:: Really want to make strawberry fruit leather this summer.

:: These knitted bunnies are the bee's knees.

:: Pretty crocheted polka dotted hot pad.

:: Always remember to say please and thank you.

:: Adorable little gift boxes.


Stitched Together said...

I love those clothes pegs. What a lovely idea. This could be my excuse for finally buying some washi tape!

Cherryeyes said...

You can MAKE fruit leather? And even your pins are pretty! Thanks for a peek at all this loveliness.


Preeti said...

Those clothespins are the best!! Thanks for sharing, I'll be making some... um... a whole bunch of these!!!

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