Friday, June 14, 2013

i heart... i just want to knit and eat a cronut please

:: I recently read a book in which the main character knit herself a pair of mittens (isn't that nice when that happens? Immediately my mind travels to what colour yarn did she use and what do they look like?) Happily for me, when I came to the end of the book there was a link to some further reading including the inspiration and pattern for the mittens in this set of vintage knitting patterns at the Victoria & Albert. 

:: Knitted hearts garland. Would be so pretty for a party.

:: Maroo mittens!

:: I've gotten out of the habit of knitting scarves (somehow, cowls are in a different tier, aren't they?) -- but this wheat scarf really appeals.

:: And fine, this isn't knitting related but everyone is talking about cronuts (croissant + donut). 

:: Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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Cherryeyes said...

OK - is it just me, or do you think the sweet girl with the wheat scarf (which is a fantastic scarf, by the way) looks like a young Deb? Also, among the vintage knits, I LOVE the turbans!!


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