Monday, June 3, 2013

Waffles and coffee

Waffle socks

I wish I had the patience to rib my socks from cuff to toe but the best I can do is this compromise of knitting two rows, followed by 2 rows of knit 2, purl 2.

This yarn was a wee bit scratchy which I'm hoping means they will be good and durable.  I spilled my travel mug full of coffee on the skein as I was knitting (seriously travel mug, this is the game you want to play with me?) and strangely the portion that was doused in coffee became super soft. The other part, not so much. Does coffee have some hidden fabric softening properties?

The details:
Yarn - Online
Needles - Good ole 2.5 mm


Cherryeyes said...

Nice stuff! These look like socks I could enjoy knitting! If I ever knit again..

Very interesting about the coffee. If it didn't stain the wool, why not give them both a coffee soak before wearing? You might be on to somethings.


Preeti said...

Just perfect!
And the million dollar Q: are you gonna dunk both socks in coffee to get them uber soft?

~Carla~ said...

These are beautiful!!! Wish I had the talent to do this!! :)

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