Monday, October 14, 2013

For Viv

Felted stones

Hello friends :)

I have a couple fun things to show today. I made these wee things for my friend Viv who recently celebrated a birthday. In the top pic are some felted stones. I think they might look sweet on a windowsill or in a pretty bowl or used as paperweights. I used some river rocks I picked up from the dollar store and wrapped them in roving -- this tutorial lays out the process perfectly. After they were felted and left to dry for a few days, I stitched on the flowers using embroidery floss. Look at Lil Fish Studios AMAZING stones for wowowowow inspiration.

The second pic is a scarf, also for Viv, who chose the wool herself. (She has impeccable taste).  The yarn is Fleece Artist and has deep rich shades of turquoise and gold and purple. 

Happy birthday dearest Viv :)


Lynn One, Purl Two said...

Whoa. LOVE these. All of it! The felt, the stones, the scarf, the colours. What a nice present!

Esmari Taylor said...

The colour of that wool is just fabulous and the pebbles are just gorgeous! I love the embroidery detail. Viv is a lucky girl!

Cherryeyes said...

Who IS this Viv?! Not only does she get incredibly lovely things from Ms Tee Kay, it seems as though she has a dear friend in you. Lucky, lucky Viv indeed.



Preeti said...

Felted stones, what a brilliant idea! Gorgeous scar! lucky Viv :)

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