Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I heart...

:: I prettied up some clothespins with some washi tape using this tutorial. (The stars - oh how I love the stars!)

:: Pin cushions from warp and weft -- and so happy to find a nearby place that sells the awesome Merchant and Mills merch.

:: These fingerless gloves.

:: The return of a nice cold spring. Hot summer, wait your turn!

:: This Toronto timelapse.

:: Really want to make strawberry fruit leather this summer.

:: These knitted bunnies are the bee's knees.

:: Pretty crocheted polka dotted hot pad.

:: Always remember to say please and thank you.

:: Adorable little gift boxes.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

High fives and feeling happy!

The dear man who sold me this fabric said that he was happy I chose this colour (and well, who doesn't like to make other people happy, right?). He then promised me that when I wear this colour, I will feel happy. And then he gave me a high five. (I actually left him hanging there for five seconds because I was kind of stunned and normally don't give high fives when I'm buying fabric). 

The details: 
Pattern - Wiksten tank
The fabric - Handkerchief linen
Alterations: I trimmed a little off the sides and the bottom because I tend to get a weird tentlike pouf with my first Wiksten. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Colourblock bias loop

Mohair bias loop

Churchmouse bias loop

Debbie Bliss Angel Mohair

Churchmouse bias loop

Stockinette and airplanes go together like cake and ice cream, no? 

I powered through the purple portion of this loop on my way to and from Vancouver (while also cramming in as many free movies as possible). This project was a good travelling companion, portable and easy peasy. I love knitting with mohair so much that I dreamed up a big plan to one day knit a massive colourblock kid silk garter blanket (wow, seeing all those words together --- hmm, maybe a touch crazy.)

The details:
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Angel (one blue and one purple skein)
Needles: 6.5 mm

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello Vancouver

Raspberries at Granville Island

Tulips and rain

Cloudy Sunday

West Georgia Street


Hey y'all! Anyone still out there? It's been a while.

I was in Vancouver last week for work (a nice surprise for me indeed!) I had one day off and it poured buckets, a true wet coast welcome. I trekked around finding crafty shops, snapped quick pics when the rain eased, oohed at the mountains, and filled up on smoked salmon.

A couple of nifty places I was happy to visit:
Cloth, an amazing quilting shop on Granville Island
Maiwa, crafty supplies of all kind also on Granville
Three bags full, a lovely knitting shop

Some actual crafty things to show soon (time on a plane is good for finishing up long lingering projects it seems). Happy Victoria Day to my Canadian friends :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I heart... must knit edition

Such lovely days lately with true blue skies and cool, fresh evenings. I have been knitting and stitching ever so slowly. A purl here, a french knot there, a nap here, a tiny cross-stich there. But, I have been seriously dreaming up some new cast-ons and here they are:

:: June's favourite cardigan - Is it time for me to finally admit I will never knit that cabled afghan, move on with my life already and put that aran yarn to good use? Probably yes.

:: Bartender's choice fingerless gloves. I think these would make some very nice Christmas and birthday gifts.

:: Jardin d'hiver - if I start this soon, it could be finished by next winter...

:: Vesper cowl - Amazing fluidity - have you ever seen anything like this?

:: Ghislaine gloves - Simple but so elegant

:: Travelling woman - Something to knit for summer travels?

:: And fine, technically this is crochet -- a little garden of flowers hooked together sweetly.