Thursday, May 10, 2012

Best of Italy

Wild poppies in Rome outside the Colosseum
The War Memorial, Rome
Florence, after the rain
At the border between Italy and Switzerland
Laundry line in Venice

I brought my little point-and-shoot camera with me to Italy for practical reasons. It took a while to get used to not having the flexibility of a SLR but the tradeoff was that I didn't have to lug the big ole heavy around. I have, on occasion, carried the big and small together and then arrived at a destination only to be too tired to fuss about. The result: I end up not taking any pictures at all - because that makes pin-sharp, logical sense, right? So this time, I took lots and lots of quick photos and I have to say, I liked it pretty well.

Here are some shots from the aptly titled Best of Italy tour. We travelled to Rome, Florence, Lake Maggiore, Switzerland, Verona, Venice, Siena and Assisi over 9 days (it was pretty crammed full from morning to night). We were fortunate to have only two days of rain (and they were spectacular end of days downpours) but otherwise it was picture perfect: bustling city streets, lazy lunches, long and lovely journeys through the country. Nice to meet you Italy, I hope I cross your path again.

I'll tell you about the yarn adventures in Italy very soon :)


Cherryeyes said...

The flowers are superb. I see the logic with the cameras, but when you went to Iceland the pics were taken with the big camera, right? You win and you lose, as you say! Can't wait to hear the yarn about the yarn. xo

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures......I can't believe you weren't using an SLR!!!!
Don't make us wait too long to hear about your yarn adventures!

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