Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Italy socks

I was fortunate to meet some sweet people on the tour. One man spotted me knitting these socks on the bus and told me with great affection how his mother long ago used to knit him socks. Nothing like 'em in the world, he said. (For seriously, he totally got it. I imagined his mother must've been so pleased to have given socks to such a nice son.) He only has one pair left now and I had to fight the urge to say "I'll make you a pair!" or "Take these ones!" But the truth is that last pair that he has is probably even more special precisely because it is the last pair.

So these are my socks from Italy, knit on the bus while staring out the window, chatting with new friends, sitting in restaurants, and decompressing at the hotel.

The details:
*Pattern - Basic socks on 2.5mm needles, a little longish in the calves.
*Yarn - Opal.


Cherryeyes said...

I always love the thought of knitting things "into" a project. I used to sit at the edge of my boys'soccer field knitting scarves for winter, thinking of all the lovely late-afternoon sun being knit into them to make the scarves extra warm come winter. So you've knit some Italy and some friendship into your socks. Makes them fun to wear in the cold days ahead. xov

Prairie Lemon said...

ms. tee kay, you're such a lovely much said in just a few simple words.

ana said...

dreamy sigh. wonderful story behind these socks.

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