Friday, May 25, 2012

A new little!

Off to visit my dear friend's new little girl today.
It's rare that you remember the exact moment a friendship began but I remember it so clearly with N (she has no memory of this though which cracks me up). We were in the same class in first grade and it was the start of the school year, a sunny September day. Our teacher took us out of the classroom and into the schoolyard and told us to stand in a circle. Our school was surrounded by farms and it wasn't unusual to see cows who had crossed through the fence to roam the playground alongside kids jumping rope or playing tag.

The circle was formed but I hadn't found a spot and I remember trying to push my way in so I could see (true story of a shorty's life). N (who was always the tallest girl in the class) took my hand and told me stand in front of her and we've been friends ever since.

So a sweater and a book for her new sweet little girl.

The details
Yarn: Dale of Norway
Pattern: Elsie cardigan


Cherryeyes said...

What a perfect story, Ms T.K. A spontaneous act of kindness becomes a symbol of a life-long bond. Perfect.


Anonymous said...

i can just imagine polite....I'm so glad she shared her space with you and now you are able to share your talent with her!

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