Thursday, September 13, 2012

A wee slice of yum!

Tea cake

I know this picture doesn't look like vavavavooom but this tea cake is truly very good. (It looks a bit burned on top but it isn't, rather, it's just a patch where I got a little overzealous with the cinnamon sprinkling.)

The recipe is from Whip Up and it's a lovely simple and fast treat to make to enjoy with tea. Also, the story that accompanies the recipe at Whip Up reminds me of my own after-school rituals, when my siblings and I would cram around the table and talk and eat what I used to call hors d'ouevres -- it was actually usually just cheese and crackers. It used to make everyone laugh when I said this, which tended to make seven-year-old me a bit ridiculously huffy (who are these animals that can't appreciate a good plate of hors d'ouvres?).

But back to the tea cake. My friend Deb has made this many times and shared her wisdom that it is best baked at 350F. 

I baked it in a round cake pan. When you pour the batter in, it doesn't really go very far but it does expand nicely and fill the pan when baking.

Happy Thursday evening friends :)


Lynn One, Purl Two said...

Best mental picture EVER! 7 year old Tara getting huffy while snacking on some h'ors d'ouvres. :)

Anonymous said...

What? I thought I commented on this last week. Opps. Sorry.
Had to let you know that I just made 2 of these (one for the neighbour as it is her bday) and one for us. SO GOOD! Its so easy to make and perfect for tea, even after dinner. Thanks for sharing!

Heather (clandscape- but I cant sign in for some reason)

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