Monday, September 3, 2012

Patchwork flour sack tea towels + walks in the park

Stack o' tea towels

Patchwork tea towels

Flour sack tea towels

 I made these tea towels for some dear friends using floursack tea towels and some leftover bits of fabric.

I was inspired by a few tutorials like this one and this one and thought, oh yes! me + patchwork tea towels = total walk in the park. 

And well, it was pretty much an enjoyable jaunt but it was also definitely at times sweaty and puzzling. (I know it's not ladylike to talk about how much I sweat when I sew -- I get that totally. And yet I just can't stop myself from describing it every time).

I sewed my little squares together. But then the issue of folding over the long sides and getting a straight crease had me stumped (enter the sweating part). 

This amazing tutorial steered me right, by suggesting that if you iron a strip of freezer paper down the centre as a guide, iron the edges over the paper, and then pull out the strip, you get a good clean crease. And it worked. I was seriously running through park, giving rounds of high fives, busting out the cardboard and doing a little breakdance (well not really, but it felt like that kind of walk in the park). Freezer paper is I'm sure old news for lots of sewers but it was a new adventure for me. Yahoo :)

Happy birthdays to my friends C and J. A girl couldn't ask for better pals!

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