Sunday, September 30, 2012

See you September!

Tote bag

Fleece artist sock yarn

Drops Alpaca fingerless mitts

Viv's mitts

I am lucky to have many wonderful pals born in late August through September. It means early fall is a happy time but also a little like pre-season Christmas with a whole lot of making going on. 

I haven't been very good at logging the birthday bonanza but here's a snapshot of some of what's been on the needles and in the sewing machine. Up top a tote bag made using this tutorial from Skip to my Lou, and down below some fingerless gloves in Fleece Artist and Drops Alpaca. 

So now I'm ready for the real deal. Time for some actual prime time Christmas making. Look out October, you may think you're all about Halloween and falling leaves but guess what? I have other big plans for you -- (October is cowering in the corner right now weeping little sobs ... Cram it, October, you'll like it in the end, I promise.)

Happy birthdays to my sweet friends who have celebrated this month (and last!) - happy days ahead in 2013!

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