Friday, December 14, 2012

Because there just isn't enough sugar consumption in December

Guess who is getting a bit fa la la fatigued? Heh, is it that obvious? 

So I had the very best of intentions. There would be chocolate buttons. I have the mold. I bought the melting wafers. And I was gonna package them up in these striped little bags and I was going to sew tags on the front. Can you even just imagine the cuteness? If it was possible to high five one's own self, I would've done it.

But I had a spectacular fail with the chocolate. I overheated it and it became a solid mass. The little bit that I salvaged wasn't really into fitting into the mold. And then I remembered you can also buy chocolate. And so that's what I did. (This may be the most boring story I've ever told, sorry I hope you had a cuppa handy to get you through).

So here they are. Chocolate buttons next year. (maybe).

I picked up the awesome bags and washi tape from Omiyage.

Okay friends, the big day is approaching fast :) Hope your planning is going A-OK.


Lynn One, Purl Two said...

I made cookies last night that just completely bombed. SO frustrating. So, I feel for you friend! xo

Cherryeyes said...

My Norwegian Citrus Peel cake came out dry this year. What's going on here!? Well, we're off to cut down our tree now. What's next? Weevils? Sap on the oriental carpet? Ms Tee Kay, go high-five yourself anyway, just for your photos, which are amazing. You'll be working for a food 'zine soon. xoxov

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