Monday, December 10, 2012

I heart ... 12-12-12

:: Yup, I just discovered the creative light setting on my camera and so I tested it on the Christmas lights. I know these types of pics are maybe a bit five years ago but seeing those cheery little blue and gold hearts gave me a thrill.

:: 12-12-12 is coming up. I rolled my eyes at 7-7-7 and 8-8-8 and 9-9-9 and 10-10-10 but now that we're at the last of these samenumber-samenumber-samenumber dates, I feel a bit sentimental. Also, I make no sense.

:: Some days you come to work and it's all busy busy busy and the chatter is all about monkeys in coats and you can't pop outside for a walk because it's raining. And then you get a special delivery of handmade soap and homemade oreos and the day becomes pretty excellent. Thanks Jen! Also, not sure if this was the recipe -- but I have definite plans to give them a try before January rolls around and we're all on our best clean living behaviour. So so chocolatey delicious.

:: And while we're talking about food - this flavoured butter how-to looks pretty good.

:: I may have exhausted the need (mine and my friends') for zippered pouches. But round bottomed fabric buckets? I think that will be the next chapter for 2013.

:: Freaks and geeks fans - have you read this oral history? Really really good.

Happy week ahead - maybe if we all focus really hard, we might get a bit of sunshine after what feels like endless winter grey.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Thanks for the giggles!!


Johanna said...

Those round-bottomed fabric buckets are on my crafting to-do list, too!

Cherryeyes said...

Ms Tee Kay, you are too funny. If there is a way of containing yarn, you are all over it. So two questions: 1) I see three gorgeous butters, but only one recipe. Will I get around to making three? Highly unlikely, but I figure that if I make one, I might as well do two more at the same time. But how? There's the rub. 2) Is Freaks and Geeks any good? Are you a fan? I'm guessig so. Never heard of it before now, sad to say. Maybe on DVD for Christmas for Luke or Matt?


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