Sunday, January 13, 2013

Good Notes

Queen St. mitts in progress

Most of the time, I'm a bit bemused by my iPad. Don't get me wrong, I like it but I also get frustrated with the typing and the fingerprints on the screen and then I think, oh forget it, I'll just use my laptop. But this weekend I picked up a pair of long lingering fingerless gloves. I was out of ink in my printer so I couldn't print out the pattern. I downloaded it on my ipad and used an app called Good Notes to open the pdf. This isn't an ad for them but I did LOVE the highlighter and marker functions that allowed me to mark up the charts and then wipe them clean again when I was finished. 

So knitters, loop me in because I also get impatient in the itunes store, any crafty app recommendations? 

Also, I'm taking an online photography course (inspired by friend Heather). My fallback has been to shift to auto mode which gets the job done but it'll be good to stretch a bit more. I snapped this pic in manual and I love how true the colours are.


craftedlandscape said...

Gorgeous photo AND fingerless gloves! Both so inspiring! Thanks also for the app tip. While I dont have an ipad, there is one in our house I could snoop around on. Thanks Tara!

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

SUCH gorgeous yarn. The colour is spectacular! As for iPad apps... I got nothing. Sorry!

Cherryeyes said...

You mean to say you take all those fabulous close-ups with the fuzzy out-of-focus effect in the background on auto?! Wow.

And the letter from the Baroness was the best. I laughed so hard. I, too, always felt a bit sorry for her. They didn't make her quite awful enough to deserve the blow she was dealt. My sister and I used to practise making our upper lip quiver in something between a sneer and and suppressed amusement a la the Baroness. Never before or since has anyone done it as well!

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