Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Love this... super crafty edition!

Love my new knit stitch Joe Fresh pajama bottoms!
Hi friends, back in December, I did a lot of crafty cruising for good patterns and tutorials. I thought I would make some of that stuff. I did not. In any case, here are the links - I'm excited to nibble away at this list:

:: Liberty ipad case or maybe this one

:: Three-leaf fingerless gloves pattern

:: A square deal of a pin cushion

:: Bunting make-up bag

:: Scraptastic tote

:: Cute little lunch bag

:: Quilted patchwork panels

:: Watercolour tags

:: Reversible bag

:: Needle book

:: Hemerocallis mitts pattern

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Lynn One, Purl Two said...

Bunting cosmetic bag!?!?!

And watercolour tags!?!?!

Just died. And gone to 'makers' heaven. WHOA.

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