Sunday, January 20, 2013

Queen St. mitts

Queen Street fingerless gloves in Hazel Knits

Queen Street fingerless gloves in Hazel Knits

This year I'm hoping to wrap up some projects that have been in mid-progress for some time. (I won't say it's a resolution because the process of making resolutions brings out the rebel in me. For example, after my last birthday I resolved to put some effort into doing my hair in the morning (can you imagine if I resolved to do something actually important?). Once resolved, the rebel emerged and so began a month of crazy, uncombed hair. At one point, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at work and thought "Oh no. This is not good. I might just need to take a leave of absence".)

Anyhoo....I started these Queen St. fingerless gloves last summer and figured it was time to wrap this project. I love the cables and the bobbles the seed stitch. I made a few mistakes when making the first glove and put it aside, unsure if I should rip back or forge ahead. I opted for forge ahead. When I made the second glove, I made the very same mistakes. Hurrah for foolish consistency.

The gloves have cables across the palm and the outside of the hand, making for a nice snug fit.

The details: 
Pattern - Queen St. mitts
The needles - 2.5 mm double-pointed needles
The yarn - Hazel Knits (This yarn is soft but also good and sturdy. And the colour is a winning shade of pink.)

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