Monday, July 1, 2013

I heart ... ah summer

Collarless safety pins from Merchant and Mills

:: I made a little order from Warp & Weft that included the Merchant and Mills pins pictured above. Summertime making is the best, isn't it? Just slow and easy, no deadlines, a glass of iced tea and a bowl of strawberries nearby. When my little order arrived it came wrapped in a brown paper package tied up with string - you cannot imagine how much I loved this detail.

:: Also new crafty books to seek out including Zakka Handmades and Stitch Zakka

:: I want to try these no-bake recipes: peanut butter & pretzel bars and Reese's bars

:: This movie, The Kings of Summer, looks really good

:: This technically isn't summer but wow, stunning stunning stunning timelapse of Ho Chi Minh City


Esmari Taylor said...

Those French safety pins are just fab, aren't they? So glad you like them! How awesome is that grapefruit, avo & bacon salad?! I'm definitely going to try that one - might need to sneak in some of the peanut butter&pretzel bars too! thanks for sharing!

Preeti said...

I always love your lists! No bake Reese's bars... I die, yum!

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