Thursday, July 18, 2013

I heart ... new socks!

:: Ah new socks. I love em. They're super soft and the gentle green, blue and purple stripes are so pretty. (Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Allegria, Pattern: ye olde tried and true basic sock.)

:: Thank you all for your sweet comments on my new shirt adventure :)

:: The Loop blog recently announced they are selling Sophie Digard scarves. I saw these beauties in a department store when I was in London and they are so delicate and gorgeous. I especially love the Cotillion scarf and the Melancholia scarf.

:: On blogger, there's a little section where you can see how people came to your site and the search terms they used. Recently, someone who typed in "regret cutting bangs" found their way here, likely because of this post. It made me giggle. Sorry, no hair advice here. Just mostly crafty stuff. But I feel your pain, regret bang cutter, whoever you may be :)


Johanna said...

The best search term used to find my blog is "dog with unicorn horn."

Esmari Taylor said...

LOL!! Hysterically funny about the poor bang cutter! The difference between a good and a bad haircut, though? About 2 weeks! Maybe with bangs you need a bit more time...

Preeti said...

That's funny! I loved your post about fancying up bobby pins that got poor bang cutter to your blog, hehe :D One day I'll knit vanilla socks like your pair.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

HAHA! Someone in the Philippines once found their way to my blog through "how to give birth quickly". Huh???

As for the socks- so pretty! I love hand made socks too! ♥

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