Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here, there and everywhere

Top photos: new project (yahoo! love new projects! they're the best!).

Bottom photo: old old old old project that I rediscovered after I read my friend Lynn's blog about how some unfinished projects can linger so long they seemingly become part of the landscape. I read her post and then dug deep (and by dug deep I mean I just moved my eyes around the room. Friends, I was confronted by some truths. Seriously --  I just moved my eyes. I didn't even have to move my neck and I spied some purple socks, blue socks, purple shawl and a baby sweater.)

Yep, I sure do know a thing or two about here, there and everywhere.  If it were an Olympic sport, I would totally be representing.

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Cherryeyes said...

Ha! That's prime. I just had a small holiday over the March break and I brought ONLY unfinished projects (mostly guantlets). They just needed the ends stitched in and a few buttons added at the cuffs, but they had been pathetically balled up in the bottom of my knitting bag for ages. How lovely to be somewhere where the only order of the day is poking through the button collection at the wool shop in Madison, NJ! Every single pair was finished, and only then did I allow myself to wield the needles again. Sounds like you need a knitting holiday, Ms Tee Kay!


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