Friday, October 12, 2012

A little merry making

Nail polish bobby pins

Time for a little merry making or as I'm calling it, fa la la friday!

My goal is to make a little something every week leading up to Christmas (though I suspect I might fall a little short of the mark some weeks, life being life and all).

This week: pretty bobby pins painted with nail polish. It's probably a fair bet that nobody is writing bobby pins on their Christmas wish lists but I think these make a cheery stocking stuffer. Paired with a bottle of nail polish, even better!

I saw this idea over at Weasinart who lays out the steps beautifully. These are perfect for a gal who likes to: cut bangs, regret cutting bangs, hate bangs, grow out bangs, have about two days of liking growing out bangs before deciding 'ugh bangs!', contemplate if maybe short bangs were not so bad at all, get overwhelmed by the thought of cutting bangs, and cut bangs again in an impulsive moment. I may know a thing or two about this...

So anyhow... I grabbed some nail polish and popped some unpainted bobby pins onto a plastic cup. And painted each pin just like this:

How to nail polish bobby pins

I left them overnight before I pulled them off. Then I cut a few squares of card stock and slipped the pins on et voila:

Easy peasy stocking stuffers

Stocking ready! Next week, a little something for a wee one's advent.


Anonymous said...

Great idea....soooo pretty! They look so cute on the cardstock, maybe they'd make a happy bookmark too.


Lynn One, Purl Two said...

I love these! And I also love your description of people who cut bangs! How about people who cut off all of their hair? And then need to bobby pin their entire mane up for about a year before it's back to a length that they actually like?

I might have a few (just a few) photos of me from high school where my head had a minimum of an entire pack of bobby pins on there at any given time.

LOVE these!


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