Sunday, October 21, 2012

I heart... Monday edition

Happy frolicking sheep!
Little sheep takes a leap

:: Am I the last to know about Society 6? (Be warned, there's lots of good browsing of totes et cetera ici)

:: This Alexander Henry fabric, A Ghastly Night -- see the knitting trio up top? I'm thinking pouches! (surprised, right?)

:: And speaking of beautiful fabric, wow, these pieces from Katherine Codega are so pretty.

:: My friend Deb took me to Patisserie 27 on Saturday - best fancy, chewy, buttery, yummy croissant.

:: Have a good week friends!


Anonymous said...

You were in my old neighbourhood on Saturday! Grew up right around the corner and rented a floor almost just across the street. Here's a reason to head out for a trip down memory lane. Hope you had a chance to check out some other things in the area.


Heather said...

Great fabric finds Tara! I think some fussy cutting is in order with the knitters. So awesome!

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

WHaaaaaat!?!!? You are so not the last one to hear of Society 6. I am! LOVELOVELOVE!

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