Sunday, October 28, 2012

Epic hopscotch

An epic board
October 2012

Hello friends,

I wish you could've seen how far this epic hopscotch board scribbled its way down my street. A marvel to see something so sweet and simple stretched out before you :)

What a big week ahead: Halloween, Frankenstorm, farewell October and hello November!



Cherryeyes said...

I LOVE this! We once rolled back the carpet in our laundry room to tape down an official hopscotch, measured out to some standard international size, whatever that was. Then we had massive hopscotch tournaments. And this was all spearheaded by my brothers, not my sister or me. They were older and their cool friends (or so they seemed to us)came to our house, rolled back the old sisal carpet, crafted special tokens that gave the best accuracy and the least bounce (small bean bags were popular) and played for hours. This went on for years and years. Thanks for provoking that happy memory, Ms Tee Kay.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

i loooove this. i hope that you caught a glimpse of the fine people who made this enjoying their hard work! so cute.

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