Friday, November 9, 2012

A lavender fix

Oooh, I wish you could smell these!

Hello friends,

It's been one of those busy weeks punched up with tomfoolery of all sorts. At night, I really just wanted to sit quietly and stare into the middle distance. Maybe with a bowl of popcorn at my side. 

 Instead, I made these lavender sachets using some squares from a jelly pack and some linen for the back. I admit that what pleased me most was not the summery lavender smell, or the pretty prints, or the linen (because linen is usually a homerun) - it was the speed. How perfect to just start something and finish it so quickly. It was a really good fix for this week.

The fabric is from Quilt a bag.

The Purl Bee instructions suggest sewing three sides and stitching the fourth closed by hand. I left just a little opening on one of the sides to turn it inside out and then hand-stitched the small gap closed because, well, see above about the speed thing. Here's a nice tutorial on the ladder stitch.

Have a nice weekend :) xoxo

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