Friday, November 23, 2012

Cherry Blossom girl

Felted flower girl

Ok, so I'm just gonna address this straight up. This little lady's eyes freak me out.  They're a bit ooh, um, well, children of the corn blue. This is my fault because the kit says to make the embroidery floss darker using pencil crayons -- but at a certain age, I guess I must've purged my pencil crayon collection. So, they're a touch icy blue. But otherwise, isn't she cute?

The details: 
::A De Witte Engel felt doll kit from Mary's Yarns.
:: I strayed just a wee bit from the pattern, making the eyes as french knots instead of tiny straight stitches.
:: I also painted on her little mouth using my Laura Mercier lip stain because I thought it improved her look. I also had a moment of... are you really putting your makeup on a doll? So it balances out...

Happy weekend friends, December is right around the corner :)

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Johanna said...

That is ridiculously cute!

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