Friday, November 2, 2012

Calm and bright

Mason jar cozies

Dear friends,

I really really really love these candles. My friend Deb made a set of these for our friend Viv and I knew I had to make some right away. I think they'll be so nice to brighten up the gray winter afternoons.

For this set, I used mason jars and some little square votives. I stuck tea lights in the bottom (I also tried out the battery votives and they even have a nice simulated flicker!)

I used a 5mm hook and an assortment of leftover yarn (Rowan Kid Classic and Drops Alpaca).
For the edging at the top, I did a round of reverse single crochet.

A set of little votives in fuzzy white yarn would be so pretty running down the dinner table at Christmas. 

On Ravelry there are a few knitted variations like this peapod beauty, and this lace rib, and this cabled cover.



Lynn said...

soooooo beautiful! i love them!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo pretty! They're perfect!


Cherryeyes said...

As the original recipient (Viv/Cherryeyes)I can tell the world, via your blog, that these are adorable and have been lit many a night since my birthday a month ago. They are way nicer, in my humble view, than the ones you linked to, which look sweater-like and as though they would not let the candle light through. Are you keeping to you "Xmas gift a week" regime? It looks like it.



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