Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mini-trip à Montréal

En route to Montreal

Ogilvy Christmas window

November in Montreal

Mount Royal


The original Fairmount

Nota bene paper shop

Hi friends,

I'm back from a quick trip to Montreal. It was wonderful and cold, very very very very very cold.

I went just a wee bit up Mount Royal and when I got to the top of the steps I realized a new and sudden fear of heights. I tried convincing myself that I'm not afraid of heights (I also tried this a few years ago when I got seasick during a snorkelling adventure -- I don't get seasick! I don't! (hurls over side of boat)). I made it back down the steps, hips trembling and silent whimpering. There was a young girl who asked her father to carry her and I wanted to holler "+1 over here!"

On the happier side, visited a lovely yarn shop called Espace Tricot where I got a fancy bowl for my yarn. I fetched some chewy deliciousness from Fairmount bagels and visited the most amazing paper store called Nota Bene. Montreal was all aglow with Christmas lights - such a treat to visit at this time of year :)

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Cherryeyes said...

You've got such a great eye with that camera of yours, Ms Tee Kay! That same weekend I settled for producing tax receipts and thank-you notes for Toronto Masque Theatre's many kind donors. Certainly there was a degree of satisfaction and pleasure in this act, but not quite on a par with wandering the chilly streets of Montreal!

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