Sunday, August 18, 2013

i heart...

Ok, last vacation pic and talk for a while, I promise. Some nifty things I liked while away:

:: After we checked into the hotel, I started reading the guide about the amenities which boasted about their tarn. "THIS HOTEL HAS A TARN?", I said all impressed. Then I googled tarn. It's a small mountain lake. And isn't it pretty? Little bleating sheep just over the fence and a deer that barked and ran away.

:: Our hotel also had a nifty dvd collection so I watched two films. One was Where Angels Fear to Tread which was great (I really like early Helena Bonham Carter) and the other was Whistle Down the Wind. The synopsis for Whistle Down the Wind on the box isn't great but it's a truly lovely film. And the little kids in it are seriously cute. Someone appears to have loaded up the entire film on YouTube.

:: Herdy's new tea towels -- for knitters especially.

:: Speaking of knitting, I took my new Rowan sock yarn to knit with on the plane. Heaven!

:: This cover song was played in a lot of commercials and also in restaurants in Scotland. Takes me right back to 1986 (although it's a little more wistful than the original brassy version). Apparently this version was released came out two years ago... good gravy, I'm outta the loop.

:: Flapjacks! But not pancakes.. they're like super delicious oat wedges. Here's a Jamie Oliver recipe that I'm keen to try. Anyone know what makes a good substitute for Golden Syrup?

:: The Grey Earl, a Glasgow artist, has some really sweet cards. I like "Yer ma wee pal".

:: I wish I had not held back and bought this Personaliteas tea towel.

:: Beatrix Potter left pretty specific instructions about what she wanted on display in her Hilltop Farm home. In one corner of a bedroom was a tapestry in progress, still in the frame. I loved this.

:: These Old Town Yarns at K1Yarns are very very nice indeed.

:: If I had an iphone, I would buy this case.

:: Did y'all know that Missoni has a hotel? True story. And outside the hotel in Edinburgh is a doorman decked out in a rad Missoni kilt.

What have you found lately that you've loved?

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Esmari Taylor said...

I just love your "I heart..." posts! There's always something new and awesome that makes me go "ooooh" and "aaaah". As always, thanks for sharing!

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