Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tiny flowers

I have so many little projects on the go so I started one more (the more the merrier). This little keychain stitched up in no time -- less than an hour maybe? I think I shall use it as a zipper pull for one of my knitting's too delicate and pretty for my clunky, chunky car keys. Thanks J!


Esmari Taylor said...

You won't believe it but I just saw exactly the same keychain at Gitta's! I had a quick look at you post just before heading out - how crazy that I bumped into the same thing.
Thanks for sharing Red Gate Stitchery - fabulous stuff!

Preeti said...

Absolutely adorable! I've never seen cross stitch on wood before, how lovely is this!!!

Esmari Taylor said...

Good news - Red Gate Stitchery is going to be at Creativ Festival! Can't wait to see their goodies!

ms.tee.kay said...

oooh that is good news! thanks Esmari!

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