Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Wellies to borrow at Linthwaite House

Linthwaite House garden

Linthwaite House

Hilltop farm

Little herdwick sheep

Little herdwick sheep

Hi there! Back from holidays with some serious jet lag -- the kind where you stumble around in the dark at 2 a.m., eat crackers and drink coffee, look at how long your bangs have grown, consider growing out bangs, decide that maybe they just need a trim, resolve to think about it because actions regarding bangs can have serious consequences, go back to bed but can't sleep, eat another cracker, think about bangs some more, catch up on blog reading (y'all have been doing some amazing things!), and now write a long rambly blog post.

And so now, ah Windermere - lovely friendly people, beautiful scenery, roaming sheep, crispy fish and chips, busy towns with bunting everywhere, raspberry pavlova ice cream (made right there on the farm from cows standing right over there!), pots of tea, one day of pounding rain (but no thunder or lightning), full English breakfasts, a trip to Miss Potter's hilltop farm (where tiny Peter Rabbits actually do roam the gardens), heather on the hills, gingerbread and more tea. So happy to have been there. Tomorrow, pics from Scotland and then finally some crafty business. 


Esmari Taylor said...

Such gorgeous images - I really could do with a holiday like that! Thanks for sharing!

Preeti said...

Breathtaking and so fairy tale perfect!!! Your pictures make me want to visit Scotland right now!!

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