Saturday, August 31, 2013

I heart...

Iceland 2010
Iceland 2010

:: I was sorting through some old pics and came across this one from 2010. I remember the exact moment when I took this, thinking "Sheep and a rainbow in Iceland. I am so lucky to be here."

:: My sandwich mysteriously disappeared from the fridge this week and then reappeared the next day. Or I was blind during my (furious) 20 minutes of searching. Or the office fridge is in fact a magic fridge and its best trick is the disappearing and reappearing sandwich illusion. In any case, I need a lunch bag. This bento tote might do the trick.

:: Speaking of lunchbags, this embroidered sweetie would be really cute for a little one.

:: I got some new earbuds (ones that actually fit into my ears.... ahem, Apple), and they are fantastic. Now I think they need a nice little pouch.

:: This roasted corn and yellow tomato soup looks delicious.

:: I offered to knit my friend C a hat for Christmas and I sent her a few links. She selected this lovely one from Wiksten. Can't wait to cast on.

:: To my friends in Canada and the U.S., Happy Labour Day :)

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Preeti said...

I love all of your travel pics and this one of Iceland is gorgeous! Funny sandwich story :)

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