Friday, August 16, 2013

Scotland the brave!

Fringe fest

Fringe fest

Well let me tell you, Scotland was a wee bit of awesome. 

I hadn't realized the Fringe Fest had started (bad research on my part) and so we ended up lugging our suitcases through massive crowds of performers and tourists along the Royal Mile. I have to say, it is truly magical to see crowds of young people roaming the empty street early in the morning, singing pop songs in harmony. Also equally wonderful: cheeky magicians juggling with axes, actors being actorly, crowds cheering for clowns (honestly, I have never seen such clown appreciation before in my life), awestruck toddlers with their jaws hanging open watching a puppet brought to life, and bagpipes everywhere (ahhhh, so amazing). A once in a lifetime experience.

And then, holy moses, the Tattoo! What a total treat! Performers from South Korea, Mexico, Mongolia and New Zealand joined the Scottish military bands and dancers. Wowowowow. I have to admit, I have always watched events like the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies mostly so I can mock the proceedings. But there's something about being in a crowd that totally whips you up and I was almost teary afterwards, humming Scotland the brave on loop.

Loved Edinburgh. The men in kilts. The smoked salmon sandwiches on oatmeal bread. The grand castle. The narrow streets. The cold North Sea air. The woven tartan scarves. I'd go back in a heartbeat. 


Lynn One, Purl Two said...

AHHHH! SO good! Men in kilts!?!?!? YES PLEASE. Bagpipes!?!?!? They make Heather and I cry EVERY TIME! Sounds amazing! ♥

Cherryeyes said...

When did bagpipes get to be respectable, even enjoyable, actually wonderful? I used to truly, truly shiver and cringe at the sound. I found it insufferable on some deep level. Now I LOVE them along with you and Lynn One, Purl Two. Maybe it's an age thing?

The trip sounds superb, Ms Tee Kay. Thanks for the pics so that we can see a bit through your eyes. Sky over the castle? Makes me dizzy in a good way!


Cherryeyes said...

Just re-considered the construction of my note above and have this thought: I am sure that Lynn One, Purl Two is a wonderful person, but as I don't know her, I shouldn't claim to love her! What I should have said was:
"Now, along with you and L1P2, I love them." Easy come, easy go, Lynn!

ms.tee.kay said...

haha - ah viv, you make me laugh. I assure you, you and Lynn are on the same page :)

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